angelic energy healing.

Angelic Energy Healing is a form of  healing, working directly with the divine angels and is suitable for anyone, regardless of your religious beliefs.  The Angels energy is channelled through the Angel healer  and directed to the areas that are blocked or in  need of healing depending on what you most need.

Angelic Energy Healing will identify the blockages within the energy system and seek to release all that no longer serves the client. During a session, the client may experience such sensations as a feeling of peace, seeing colours or energy movement, feeling the presence of your angels and spirit guides or simply nothing at all depending on your sensitivity and also what is right for you to experience during the healing session.




Angelic Energy Healing will leave you with a  feeling of a sense of release, followed by feelings of peace, balance and happiness. Other benefits include:

Healing of physical and emotional problems

Restful sleep

Feeling of Empowerment

Rebalancing of energies.

Self acceptance

Better connection with your own spiritual path.